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2024 Catalogue
1.4MB file. Contains the information on our refurbishment service of framed windows as well as most other items.

Fitting acrylic windows using Scapa 3507
A general guide to using bedding tape - no mess, no fuss.

Fitting framed windows using Scapa 3507
Guidance for reinstalling framed windows and their care.

Refitting of Lewmar Porthole/portlight clamp fit frames to boat
Guidance for reinstalling Lewmar portholes/portlights and their care.

Using sheet form Scapa 3507
Guidance for fitting windows using 240mm wide Scapa 3507.

Removing framed windows
How to remove framed windows without damaging either the frame or the boat.

Refurbishing framed windows
Do it yourself window refurbishing.

Replacing Lewmar porthole lenses

Replacing Vetus porthole lenses

Fitting Herzim Trim to frames
A guide to fitting Herzim screw cover trim.

Replacing the acrylic in a hatch
Guidance for removal and replacing crazed acrylic in Lewmar Superhatch, Rollstop, Ocean and Coastline hatches.

Identifying the corner radius on Lewmar Rollstop hatches
Applicable to Lewmar Rollstop hatches in sizes 50, 60 and 70.

Refitting Moody windows
A guide to refitting the frames with the ridges on the back of the flange.

Weatherstrip window fitting guide
Information on replacing windows held in with Claytonrite weatherstrip.