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Screw fixed acrylic windows
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Availability of tints
Colour swatches

5mm thick acrylic windows, clear or tinted, shaped to your template, edges bevelled, fixing holes drilled, supplied with 25mm wide by 3mm thick grey Scapa PVC bedding tape ready for fixing to your boat.

Acrylic window with Vetus PZ77 opening portlight fitted.

In order to manufacture the windows for your craft we will need a template either: of the finished sizes required (Label your templates clearly: Finish Size).
or: of the apertures and we will make the window 1inch (25mm) bigger all round (Label your templates clearly: Aperture Size).

You will need: size No 10 self tapping screws (state length required) or machine screws and nuts/interscrews (state size and length required)
TOOLS: all that is needed is a screwdriver (and a drill if there are no existing screw holes).

SIZE (Each) Clear (Each) Tinted (Each) P&P (Pair)
Up to 750x250mm £48.50 £54.50 £22.50
Up to 1000x250mm £67.75 £75.75 £22.50
Up to 1250x250mm £77.75 £87.75 £35.00
Up to 1500x250mm £97.00 £109.00 £41.00
Up to 1750x250mm £107.00 £121.00 £41.00
Up to 2000x250mm £126.25 £142.25 £41.00
Up to 500x500mm £58.50 £66.50 £24.00
Up to 750x500mm £87.75 £99.75 £27.50
Up to 1000x500mm £107.75 £123.75 £35.00

Larger sizes would usually be made of thicker material, please contact us for a quotation

We will be happy to quote on the following:
• Quantity discounts — two or more windows can often be cheaper
• Other thicknesses of acrylic • Larger sizes
• Clear polycarbonate