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Westerly porthole

Some Westerly specific items all together.

Replacement lenses for opening portholes

Replacement closing seals for opening portholes

Fixings kit for opening portholes

Opening windows to replace Marsh Walters units

Replacement acrylic for fixed pane windows

Refurbishing framed windows

M3.5 fixings kits for Marsh Walters units

This is a new page so do let us know if there is anything else you think should be here. There are links on the left to generic items like hatch acylics and washboards.

Postage and packaging where not listed will depend upon the size and weight of the parcel.

There are two types that I know of, one sort had a frame around the opening part (I need someone to send me one of these so I can strip it down and make a template of the acrylic) and an unframed acrylic version, illustrated on the left and listed below

ITEM LENS SIZE PRICE P&P Click for drawing
Westerly clear, tinted grey or bronze 183x135mm £26.25 £5.00
Replacement lense with new knob to replace broken clasp 201x135mm £43.50 £5.50  

• Just unscrew the old windows and screw on new ones for instant clear vision
• Clear, bronze or smoke grey tinted acrylic with polished edges
• Other sizes (to order)

A sponge cord seal, remove the old seal and bond on the new one using EvoStik or similar contact adhesive

By the metre 10mm dia £4.25/m £5.50 <11m
WS540 Ready to fit framed opener 10mm dia. x 540mm circ. £7.50 £5.00 <5 items
WS565 Ready to fit unframed opener 10mm dia. x 565mm circ. £7.50 £5.00 <5 items

A gasket to go between the porthole and the grp with 8 x M5 interscrews and raised countersunk screws

FG540 Kit for framed opener type 230x178mm M5 £11.50 £3.50
UG565 Kit for unframed opener type 222x189mm M5 £11.50


Opening ports to replace Marsh Walters units
We are now stocking Vetus off-the-shelf opening ports as replacements for your crumbling Marsh Walters framed windows.

PA6317 Low Profile Aluminium Porthole 297.45 each
With mosquito screen and interior trim included, we also include Scapa 3507/12 bedding tape and A4 stainless fixing screws

The cut out size is slightly larger at 634x175mm against 625x170mm but Westerly were a bit random at cutting the holes in the coachroof sides so it shouldn't require too much adjustment and the overall size is slightly smaller at 652x193mm against the original's 663x210mm. Whilst the new frame should just cover the screw holes in the boat I think you will need to fill the holes with some epoxy gelcoat filler before installing rather than having to take the window out again to do the job properly if it starts leaking. The Vetus unit is a clamp fit and doesn't need any screw holes for fixing.

PA3016 Low Profile Aluminium Porthole 199.44 each
With mosquito screen and interior trim included, we also include Scapa 3507/12 bedding tape and A4 stainless fixing screws

You will need to make the aperture in the fibreglass larger. Pictures by Stephen Heslehurst of new portholes he fitted to his Fulmar

Close up of a PA 3517 window from the same range

Replacement acrylic for the 'Marsh Walters' style of windows. If your window frame has only one join you will need to send it to me to be done, for those of you lucky enough to have a frame that splits into two parts there is advice on replacing the acrylic yourself here
Refurbishing Framed Windows however we can also do these for you (see below)
6mm thick clear acrylic 611x152mm with radius corners
6mm thick clear acrylic 612x151mm with radius corners
6mm thick clear acrylic 608x150mm with radius corners
As you can see, although all the windows look alike over the years they changed suppliers and there are slight variations in the size and corner radius. You will not know which size you require until you have dismantled the window
£43.00 each

Refurbishing Framed windows
Windows stripped down, cleaned and reassembled, then wax polished and supplied with Scapa 3507 bedding tape for refitting to the boat without using mastic.

Marsh Walters style frames 661x208mm with safety glass.

£86.71 each
Marsh Walters style frames 661x208mm with clear acrylic.
£129.71 each
Marsh Walters style frames 661x208mm with tinted acrylic.
£136.91 each
Cleaning and polishing backframes
£20.00 per window

Window fixings
Most earlier Westerly yachts have framed windows held in by 3.5mm screws and interscrews (or 4BA threads on very early boats).
The original interscrews and screws were made of chrome plated brass and you will probably find if you remove a window that some of the interscrews have failed. Others will break when you try to tighten them up again. They are all likely to be blocked up with old sealant.
We have had a special production run of stainless steel interscrews made with 3.5mm tapping. Feed back showed that Westerly owners were concerned that our other interscrews did not have slots in the heads so we specified slots with the new batch of fixings. In order to machine the slots they had to make the heads deeper.

M3.5 Fixings Kits
Kits contain stainless steel interscrews, countersunk screws in 10mm, 12mm and 16mm lengths, Scapa 3507 bedding tape and a fixing guide.
With a drill enlarge the holes in the clamping frame and the grp to 7mm or 17/64" (not the frame with the glass!)

Kit for frame with 10 screw holes MWK10 1 metre 10 sets £11.00
Kit for frame with 12 screw holes MWK12 1.6 metres 12 sets 13.20
Kit for frame with 15 screw holes MWK15 1.75 metres 15 sets £16.50
Kit for frame with 16 screw holes MWK16 1.8 metres 16 sets 17.60
Kit for frame with 20 screw holes MWK20 1.75 metres 20 sets £22.00
Kit for frame with 23 screw holes MWK23 2.0 metres 23 sets 25.30
Kit for frame with 24 screw holes MWK24 2.0 metres 24 sets 26.40
Kit for frame with 30 screw holes MWK30 2.5 metres 30 sets £33.00
If you wish to purchase the interscrews singly and without the machine screws they are 1.00 each
1st class postage and packing for up to four kits 5.00